Wynn Las vegas Casino Resort

The Wynn Las vegas is the flagship casino resort owned and handled by Wynn Resorts Limited. Keeping the name of the resort group’s founder, Ken Wynn, The Wynn Las vegas is setting new standards for the development of mega-resorts.

The towering 60 floor resort is one of the tallest structures on the Las vegas rob. Sprawling across more than 200 massive areas of land, the main body of the resort is found on the corner of Las vegas Boulevard South and Sands Opportunity. The spot is near the famous Fashion Show Local mall, and provides single handed access to any attraction on the Las vegas Rob.

The Wynn Las vegas was constructed on the site of the old Desert Inn Hotel and Casino. After 36 months of construction, the Wynn Las vegas opened it’s doors on April 28, 2005. This is a significant date, not only because it is the birthday of Wynn’s wife, but because it is the 55th wedding of the day the Desert Inn had first opened it’s doors to the public.

The opening day is not all that the Wynn Las vegas shares with the Desert Inn that use to occupy the space. One of the most notable features of the Desert Inn was it’s famous greens, which Wynn has reconstructed the name Wynn Golf and Country Club.

In addition to keeping some connections to the past, the Wynn Las vegas also took a progressive approach and set new criteria for casino resorts in Las vegas. For example, the Wynn Las vegas was the first casino to include a vehicle dealership, allowing include those with the financial methods to go from the blackjack table to shopping for million dollar Ferrari and Maserati automobiles.

The Wynn Las vegas was also the first resort to combine the room key with a players club account, and represented the world’s largest setup of VOIP telephone service in a hotel. Although not technically progressive, another record held by the Wynn Las vegas is the cost. At a cost of $2. 7 Billion, the main hotel resort is the largest privately funded construction project in the history of the united states.

The Wynn Las vegas had taken a different approach to it’s development. In previous resorts built by Ken Wynn, such as the Bellagio, Mirage and Treasure Island, Wynn’s approach was to build elaborate sidewalk attractions that were free to the public. The attractions would grab the attention of those on the Las vegas rob, and draw them into the casino. With the Wynn Las vegas, Wynn took another approach, using what he called the “inside out” approach, e . g customers have to actually enter the casino in order to see the attractions, which are obscured from view from those on the rob.

Once inside the casino, splendid attractions await people to the Wynn Las vegas. Among the most talked about is the Lake of Dreams. A cascading waterfall flows from a Wynn-created mountain and into a 3 acre lake. Every hour the lake and waterfall both have images planned onto them, accompanies by music, in a production known as the “Lake of Dreams”.

The success of the Wynn Las vegas is undisputed. It quickly resulted in the earth breaking of a cousin resort called “Encore at the Wynn Las Vegas” next door. The new tower system is determined to look identical to the original, but will operate as a resort all it’s own. As of Goal 2007, construction on the Encore was at the 18th floor of the 60 story building.

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