The top 10 Reasons why a player Won’t Sign up Or Use Your Free Casino Players Card

Understanding why a player won’t sign up or use your card, despite if receiving their initial card, is a key to understanding your player base, the perception of your loyalty macan togel programs, and how your front line staff is communicating the benefits (or lack there of).

Having traveled to hundreds of casinos throughout the country in either a consulting role, as a mystery purchaser or player, I’ve kept a database on why players won’t use a Player’s Card. I will continue to update the list and even one day breakout the list by gaming legislation and type of casino (local, resort, tribal).

  1. The offers aren’t worth it, the only thing I ever got was a free coffee mug.

How guilty are you at not communicating the benefits of your club? Are you also guilty of “baiting” someone into signing up and then missing a pill all about them? This happens all too frequently, where the best selection a player ever received was the initial $5 in Free Play or the logo throw-away camera. Then after spending their “bankroll, inches installed contact the new player again. Yes, we understand reasons why, too much is emphasized on new player exchange, and not enough is budgeted on existing player development or little leaguer simply didn’t play enough on their first trip. Hmm, good enough to take up labor costs, fork out a free gift, perhaps a token book, but not enough to gravy a stamp on a letter and say “Hey, thanks for joining… as a reminder, here are the benefits… inches

  1. The lines are too long.

Wow, talk about a double-edged sword. You can’t get any new sign-ups because the line for new sign-ups is too long. Really? That’s like Yogi Berra’s famous statement, “Nobody goes there anymore… it’s too congested. inches When was the last time you actually looked at the confusing queuing area? How many new potential sign-ups are waiting in the line for token redemption or entry ticket drop offs? How many VIP’s will be serviced by how many club members and the long distinct new sign-ups will be service by the newest and greenest member of the staff? Exactly how much quality time can be spent with each new enrollee? See number 10 again, I may have came across a trend.

  1. I don’t want our information given out, I don’t want to be followed.

Little leaguer is the number one reason why your casino is staying in business, how can anyone in this day and age think you’ll give their information out to anyone (Elvis sightings notwithstanding)? Little leaguer database is the “Holy Grail” of all that is right with gaming. It is protected better than executive compensation packages… make them aware this. In reality, this statement loosely explicates, “I don’t want my wife/husband understanding much I play. inches Explain, how you can add them to the “do not mail, call or email” list and wonderfully come up with a system to personally pick up their rewards.

Being followed is what the club benefits are all about. It’s the number one reason becoming a FREE member! That’s like the F&B Director accepting the alibi “I don’t eat at the buffet because I don’t like to make choices. inches Communicate the value of re-investing in their play, re-emphasize the cold fact not everyone wins on every trip, however your building points, comps, benefits to offset those awful days. Having a tracking system is the only way a player can request a win/loss statement for their taxes.

  1. I’ll get a better offer in six months.

Actually, this happens more often than I thought, as it is the in 7th place top reason. What your player is stating is straightforward, “I opted, didn’t get much, played a little, when I quit using my card you sent me a better offer in the mail (again) an extra shot and luxuriate in a free Buffet, a discounted room or even show tickets. inches Please see reason number 10 again, I think we definitely came across a trend. I find this incredible because most jurisdictions will only archive old accounts, not remove duplicate content them. Where are the check s and balances of duplicate player records? Although I will admit, it is fun to become the scammers broadcast a triumphal boasts on how they beguiled “The establishment. inches Ok, maybe not.

  1. I lost it/I did not remember it.

Having to have lost your card or missing a pill to bring your card implies they once required a card. Chances are, Not a chance, nada, not a chance. They are just too unsafe to say “No thanks. inches Ever wonder why they don’t give you their name so you can reprint another card or give you their permission (which, “Oops must have left that in the room too. “). They could easily be slipped into any other sounding alibi on this list.

  1. I only play tables.

We’ve all heard it numerous times, “We don’t have a table tracking system, it’s too much to track players consistently. inches Again, loosely translated, the ditch examiner didn’t personally rate or enter the players rated card into the system. Why? Could be a number of reasons, but it’s no alibi. Rate your table player’s offers and rewards against other table players; don’t compare them to slot machine players. The Golden Rule, you have to bet big to win big in tables… big table action deserves big rewards, not slot machine free play and not just a match play- although would you start. Aren’t getting me started on table hold proportions either, I’m just the messenger.

  1. I don’t play enough.

This would actually be a valid alibi if a casino didn’t offer “Hot Seat Random” paintings, discounted rooms, double, multi point days and discounted meals by just being a FREE member. Again, are we really communicating the benefits? Our trend has become an pandemic.

  1. The card never works or the card reader doesn’t work.

I have seen a salvo of players having a great time at their video slot in order to get up several hours later and realize their card reader is blinking: “Please re-insert your card! inches I’ve observed players dance the dance of card re-insertion and flip and move in order to go on to another less popular machine. And honestly, I’ve seen players try and insert another casinos card. It happens. Sure, you can clean those card readers, offer to the card, walk around to see card readers not working and assist these folks, but if a player has to change seats or play a less desirable game, your credibility is shot.

  1. I see too many people using a person’s card.

I’ve read about every disclaimer on the back of each player’s card. Yet, I see club centers repeatedly providing one card short of infinity to a player, even though the field on the player tracking system states: Number of cards issued: 2, 567, 875. No red flag there. Although this happens quite frequently where rewards (entry tickets) or status (room, food & beverage) derive from this trip only (TTO), usually only at the local joints are the players protesting and complaining. At these places, the players actually have better data of who was playing when, where and how much. Better take them off the floor and give them the title of Player Development Director.

And the number one reason why…

  1. Superstitious : I can’t win with it, I win more without it.

This is the primary alibi in every gaming legislation on the planet. You can’t state with superstition. Heck gaming has been built around hunches, gut feelings, fortune and luck. But honestly, every casino does a great job broadcasting their winners on slot machine wedding cake toppers, wall of fames and even on their web sites. Now we all know, Vegas had not been built on winners, but when is the last time a marketing director ran a PAGE RANK campaign, “Play with your card, you’ll lose more than anyone else, inches or “Please avoid your card, you’ll win too much. inches

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