Pub-Club Poker Gambling Rules

Ok so you go to your local pub go to the bar order your favorite tipple and take a seat in front of the TV which is currently showing live horse racing.

You publish to see who else is there before settling down to have 5 a few minutes with the news paper,
On exploring you observe four men in the corner of the room to comprehend than £40 on the pool table as they are playing for £10 a man per frame.

In the opposite corner you see four similar looking men sat around a piece of green cloth with what judi poker looks like connect4 coins in front of them and on the corner under the table you observe a glass with the same £40 in it.

You stroll over to see the four men credit cards as pool does not interest you and you are not very good at it and they must be good as they are wagering £10 each.

You ask to pull up a seat at the card table and watch relating to 5-10 minutes before asking to join as “This looks easy it’s all luck different the pool where you need to be able to play”.

Within 5 minutes of sitting yourself down you are already reaching into your pocket to get out another £5 as you have already been fleeced from the first initial buy-in. “Ah that’s OK though that bloke just got lucky on me he must have had good cards to bet a whole lot all the time”

But did he?? Or was he using the same type of skill that was needed by the pool players to win their money?

This is the underlying question isn’t it?

I have been playing poker now in league’s casino’s and home games for over 4 years and the amount of people who don’t play or understand poker have uttered the immortal words “I could beat you at poker it’s easy its all about who has the best cards” is unbelievable.

In my opinion these are the same people who write the laws on Public House and Private member Club Poker Gaming rules.
£5 in 1 day per player with just around £100 pay out for Pub’s & £10 in 1 day with just around £250 pay out for private members clubs, what a scam.

If you were playing pool, bingo, the tote or on the one arm bandit you could can guess a full weeks wages within just an hour, but if you want to use your whit your skill and your capacity play poker against other like minded people should you not go to a casino, every time you open the cards and place more than your £5 or £10 on the table you are immediately breaking regulations.

It always gets mentioned but I will repeat it in the interests of this article “How come we always see the same faces at the final tables” Daniel Negranu has just proven this together with second final table at the WSOPE in couple of years and the same with ’08 WSOP jogger up Ivan Demidov reaching the final table of both the WSOP & WSOPE in the space of a few months, Dennis Phillips last years final table appearance at the WSOP and a great deep run when it reaches this years event. These people are not lucky yes they have had to catch a few lucky cards here and there and win a few coin flips along the way but they are skilful at what they do and keep doing so well through there knowledge and understanding of the game not by pure luck.

I think that the government really need to look at this and as long as the games are run fairly and league nights are run honestly and honestly then poker should be treated as equally as much as a game of skill as any other sport or game. And the rules should be raised to allow a better standard of play throughout the poker playing community while not having to break the bank or regulations.

How about our MPs looking at raising the blind levels not to silly amounts but to a reasonable price where players will take it more serious and a higher standard of play will be reached along the way.

The amount of people who do well at pub leagues but then completely bust out when going to the casino is due to the massive gulf of mexico in the standard of play.

We need to look at getting the Games raised to a minute on £20 per 1 day with a max pay out of £500 for discos and £35 and a max pay out of £750 for private members clubs.

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