Pet Wellness : Veterinary Medicine Loses to Big Pharma

Well it’s confirmed. The takeover of veterinary medicine the united states and other first world nations is confirmed. Big Pharma has finally made it to the finish line. Should pet owners and Cavapoo puppy their pets be happy about this control? Well, I wouldn’t start planning the party as of this time because according to many vets out there this is not something to be happy about. What does this mean for pet wellness and natural pet health care?

Because of the massive profits that can be generated through pets, these drug companies for decades have spent much time and effort in an aggressive campaign to spinner animal medical practitioner school curricula, influencing veterinarians and brainwashing pet owners into thinking their pets need drugs in order to prosper and stay healthy. Thanks to advertising funded by greedy uncaring drug companies, most consumers already show a cult like belief in pharmaceutic medicine. So, for Big Pharma it was easy to tell pet owners that their animals need the same.

Extremely common practice nowadays for vets the united states to practice chemical based medicine on pets. Immediately upon prognosis, the pet owner is given a prescription of an expensive patented pharmaceutic : a so called instant fix to be provided to their pet. If this is not enough, the FDA has given approval for Prozac, a super mind modifying drug prescribed to dogs, as well as many common drugs for people are now being come with pets. This includes chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment. Alongside this, common pet ailments such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and depression are also being treated with harmful medications without even the mention of natural pet health care as a healing property.

Needless to say, pet wellness is now in rapid decline and pet owners really need to be aware in their pet wellness practices, to see a better substitute for heal their pet’s illness. Any animal medical practitioner practicing for more than several years will tell you that the result of the Big Pharma control is that dogs and cats and other animals are sicker than previously. These vets may see an increase in the rate of liver organ disease, nervous system disorders, cancers and diabetes. This is because pets will be regularly poisoned by bad pet food and medicines. Even popular flea and tick medication on their own are highly toxic to your pet’s liver organ.

Big Pharma influence has turned veterinary medicine into a scam, right alongside the standard medicine system for humans. No longer is with regards to medicine to heal anyone. The goal now could be to profit by treating managing diseases without actually curing or preventing them. Why would they do this? Connect the dots. To benefit from repeat business and a lucrative one at that! Let me not even touch on the rates veterinarians are charging these days particularly in emergency care. The fees are outrageous! And the audacity of pet clinics who are taking advantage of people’s kindness when they rescue a pet charging $500. for saline solution! These pet clinics are exploiting human kindness for high profit. How many people do you think will will have no choice but to reflect twice before they rescue a wounded or hopeless animal?

So what do pet owners do when confronted by circumstances where their precious pet needs medical help? Thankfully there is another route for pet wellness with managing practitioners in veterinary medicine. These practitioners are more ample in veterinary medicine than in human medicine.

Why the pet wellness route of pet natural health care is the direction to go.

  1. Managing veterinarians understand nutrition, herbs, homeopathy and other natural modalities.
  2. Managing veterinarians propose solutions and treat animals in manners that are against the law in human medicine : because these solutions have a silver lining : they work!
  3. Managing vets are more often in their line of business for the love of animals and the belief in a natural system of medications for ailments. This makes them human as opposed to donkeys that are always trying to pave their financial future by exploiting sick animals and the love pet owners have for their pets.

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