Old Testament Reports the new Testament Is a Fake Document Designed to Hide the real God

You’ve got in order to compare the books of the sort to see that one of them has to be fake. In the Old Testament God is one with no other spirits, gods, heaven or hell, noted in Isaiah 45: 4-8. In the New Testament God consists three parts, although each is a separate god. But people can’t get their head around the buy fake documents online uk way that works. The reason being because they are based on the Vedic Trinity of Of india which is mostly related to magic and mystery. The god is depicted with three heads rather than being three individuals.

At the time the new Testament was produced the religious beliefs of Constantine, established in 325 AD at the Authorities of Nicaea, was floundering without a text as a guide. Jerome was asked by Damasus, the then Bishop of The italian capital, to generate a book to bare concrete it together. He was also charged with setting the Church in order. He did that by taking the instruments, order of mass, schedule, fests, laws and even the costumes from the Imperial Roman Religious beliefs and using them for the Catholic organisation.

Because he dreadful the Jews criticism for modifying parts of the Old Testament, something he admits to in his log and letters to the bishop, that’s exactly what changed the language of the Church to Latin.

Even the four books of the gospels are inconsistent with each other, Matthew claims Christ appeared in a house and that he was taken to Egypt at eight days of age to avoid execution by Herod. This is the same story as that of Krishna who was taken there at the same age to avoid the wrath of Cansa. The two stories are parallel together and there is a fair chance that Jerome cloned the one to produce his version. Matthew also contains Church laws that were not known before he introduced them.

Luke, on the other hand, has Christ born in a stable. There is no execution of babies and he lives his childhood in Nazareth. Neither Mark nor John even mentions a birth or the childhood. Some (Loisy 1950) posit that Luke has modelled Mark and that it was rewritten by a far more educated person than the apostles would have been, had they existed.

Scholars have worked and reworked the new Testament stories until they are refined and legitimate. What exactly is it are, however, that prophecies state they are area of the conspiracy against God (Ezekiel twenty-two: 25, 26). It charges the priests and prophets with hiding the truth and burying the treasure meant for God’s Children at the end of the days.

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