Five Things Large Christian Churches Have in accordance With Casinos

I am certain that there are a lot more than five things that Christian churches have in pragmatic slot accordance with casinos, but here’s some of the things that most reasonable minded people would acknowledge.

  1. They both operate out of large buildings that are usually strategically located away from large freeways or on well-traveled city streets. Some of these buildings cost quantities to build and quantities to operate annually.
  2. Churches and casinos usually have high profile charismatic people working within them. The more expensive Christian churches usually have at least one church leader who is charismatic and keeps the people coming back week after week. Casinos usually need to hire their entertainers, but nevertheless they both use them to serve their needs.
  3. Each one of these organizations uses groups to help people solve their problems. Some large churches have singles groups, youth groups and even the mandatory Sort study groups, while casinos hang a few signs throughout their casinos, offering help to their people who are dependent on gaming.
  4. Most of their followers manage to have dependency problems on the products that they are offering. Casinos manage to offer large financial jackpots and this may seem to keep their followers coming back year in year out. Christian churches have something better, they have the creator of the universe as their leader and his name is God. God offers two things, eternal damnation if you’re bad and eternal solution if you’re good and this may seem to keep people going to church regularly.
  5. It’s not uncommon to find people praying in churches and casinos. Most of these people are praying for something that they want to receive from God and I think that these people really believe that once they receive whatever their praying for, most of their problems will be gone.

I have seen plenty of people who are happy and sad while they’re in church or at the casinos, but I rarely hear anyone mention the fact that each one of these organizations is often offering hope without delivering items.

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